Thursday, May 10, 2012

Colored Macaroni Stringing and Art

Rainbow Macaroni.
Threading it on a ribbon, pipe cleaners and yarn.
Variations: Say a color and have your preschooler thread it
                   Preschooler makes his own pattern
                   Makes a Great Mother's Day present

How to color your macaroni:
 * Pick a noodle to color ~ Rigatoni works great for necklaces
  * Rubbing alcohol ~ you'll need 1/4 cup for every cup or two of noodles
 * Large Ziploc Bag
 * Food Coloring

Put the alcohol and food coloring in the large Ziploc. Swish the color around until it's thoroughly mixed. Add your noodles and mix again. Really get your noodles moving to get them completely covered. Let them sit in the Ziploc bag and flip every 30 minutes. The longer is sits in the bag, the deeper the color of your noodles. When they are the color you desire, pour out the alcohol and lay your noodles on a covered surface to dry. I let them dry overnight. Now you have your colored macaroni for any crafts or necklaces.

Animal Matching

Animal Match~
*You can have them match on their own
*You can call out a specific animal
*You can give a hint to an animal and have them guess the animal and then match

Here is the Animal Match Worksheet so you can print it twice and make your own

Color Circle Match

Shape and Color Sorting~
*Match colors
*Match shapes
*Make patterns

 Here is Worksheet 1 , Worksheet 2 , Worksheet 3 ,and  Worksheet 4 to make your own

Tangram Shape/Pattern Matching

*Cut out pattern
*Make a bunny
*Make a penguin

Here is a pattern to make your own Tangram

Animal Shadow Match

Animal Shadow Match~
*Match on their own
*Match the color
                                  *Match all the dogs and cats                                                                 
 Here is  the pattern for Animal Shadow Match                                                                                                         

Five Fabulous Frog Counting

Five Fabulous Frogs
Count the right number of frogs for each divided section
Divide the frogs by color
*Bonus ~ You can have a jumping contest into a bowl with the frogs
Here is Worksheet 1 and Worksheet 2

Felt Clothes Color Match

Clothesline Busy Bag~
*Tie the clothesline up outside or between two chairs and have your preschooler practice hanging up the clothes. 
*You say a color and have your preschooler hang up that color
*  Your preschooler can actually wash the clothes and hang them up to dry. Mine loves to play in soapy water. A water table would nice alternative

Here is the pattern Colored Felt Clothes to make your own